PAZ And Mike Posner In LA Weekly

Mike Posner Paz and Sea Wolf

Thanks to Kelly for sending this.

Apparently LA Weekly put an ad out for the Viper Room show, and Mike Posner at the Roxy was in the ad right next to it.

For those keeping score at home, Mike killed it at our FIU show back in December.

Keep watch for his new album dropping this spring.

Dead Snakes And Mixtapes

click here to see the Paz Live at Viper Room photo album

One month into the new year, and they’re still making repairs from the damage we did at Viper Room.

I’m not gonna lie. We packed the place, and we might have broke some stuff.

One blown amp, 2 busted bar stools, 12 shattered glasses, and a head-sized hole in the bathroom wall.

And I owe THEM $1200?

Somehow they’re letting me play there again in a couple months, so go figure.  If you weren’t lucky enough to get in on the madness last time around, don’t miss part 2.

Cause I’m making damn sure we don’t get invited back for part 3 :)

click here to see the Paz Live at Viper Room photo album

So what’s planned for Q1 2010? One word:  RECORDING.

Everytime I play a show, people come up and ask where they can get the music. That’s an awesome question to get, but so far, the answer has been… nowhere.

No records, no tapes, no myspace, mp3s, 8-tracks, 4-tracks, traintracks, nothing.

And that sucks. So to start the new year, I’m taking 2 months off from playing shows until the mixtape is done.

Jesse Coletrain and I are locking ourselves into the bedroom studio until something emerges called Young Broke and Fameless, The Mixtape.

The record will include a few originals, a few remixes, and a few guest appearances from some of your favorite artists.

And if I have my way, every mixtape will come with a broken Viper Room shot glass…

Hey. I broke em, I bought em.

One Track: Athlete – Superhuman Touch


Upon closer inspection, that leather jacket would likely fit my 12 year old sister

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of a band called Athlete.

Punk rock? Electronica? … Jock Jams?

None of the above.

What I got was the pop sensibility of Snow Patrol genetically spliced with synthesized mystery of MGMT.

If you like either of those groups — and well, even if you don’t — you’re gonna be an Athlete fan.

And you’ll actually kind of want them to do a jock jam too.

Track: Superhuman Touch (right click to download)
Artist: Athlete
Genre: Pop Synth Rock
Sounds Like: The pop sensibilities of Snow Patrol spliced with the synthesized mystery of MGMT (yeah, I said that already)
More? The ending is almost too perfect for radio. You can almost hear the DJ coming on over the top.

NYE With Shiny Toy Guns

Oops you did it again.

You waited until New Year’s Eve to choose a New Year’s Eve party.

Yeah. It happens.

If you’re in LA, our boy Brian Griffin added a handful of tickets for the sold out party with Shiny Toy Guns performing.

They’ll sell out in the next couple hours, but if you’ve waited this long, it might already be time to pull that old camoflauge gear out of storage and start thinking about fence jumping strategery.

Headlining VIPER ROOM!

Frankly, I have no idea how they’re letting me do this.

It’s only my third show ever, and I’m not only playing but HEADLINING Viper Room.

When I found out about this a couple weeks ago, it didn’t really sink in.

I’ve seen some amazing bands play Viper, and while I always thought “some day” I’d be playing there too, I certainly didn’t think it would be this Friday.

To say I’m pumped is the understatement of the century. I can… not… wait.

If you’re in LA, roll up. It’s gonna be an amazing night, and I want you to share it with me.

Lights, Camera, Sauce!

Can we get a few more people to simultaneously primp me? Ohhh, that sounds dirty.

Let's rock.

“Can we pour that steak sauce microphone more aggressively?”

In the history of our universe, I’m not sure how many times that particular sentence has been uttered.

But for perhaps only the 3rd or 4th time since invention of the spoken word, so spake the Director to me Sunday during the A-1 commercial shoot in Burbank.

Our Director, Matt (left) and DP, Giles (right). There are only 2 requirements for being a Director: 1) Have a beard. 2) Frequently stroke beard pensively.

Our Director, Matt (left) and DP, Giles (right). There are only 2 requirements for being a Director in Hollywood: 1) Have a beard. 2) Frequently stroke beard pensively.

This being my first commercial ever, I was worried arriving on set 5 minutes late for the 8am call time would be a criminal transgression.

Turns out not such a big deal.

“Commercial shoot” is roughly Latin for “Let’s all wait the fuck around for 8 hours and… oooh, catering!”

My Saturday was basically spent doing laps from makeup, to wardrobe, to set, back to makeup, back to set, until someone decided they didn’t need me until Sunday.

No complaints. All told, I spent my Saturday afternoon getting paid to eat cantaloupe.


Somehow looking at this I suddenly feel like the free credit guy

Somehow looking at this I suddenly feel like the free credit guy

I showed up Sunday at 8 and luckily didn’t have to wait long for things to start popping.

Trayce the super-stylish wardrobe master took custody of me first, kitting me up in a punk rock uniform — ratty jeans, tight t-shirt, stud belt and converse.

Jamie in makeup took me from there, caking me in foundation, eyebrow mascara, and some sticky white substance I can only hope was a cross between vaseline and Elmer’s super-duty hobby glue.

For my performance, I would be playing the role of “Heavy Metal Sauce Lover” — which under any ordinary circumstances would be a suspect moniker on so many levels — but today was considered perfectly normal.

My character, who apparently plays punk guitar in his backyard while barbecuing, would be extolling the virtues of A-1 Sauce by way of the Partridge Family standard, “I Think I Love You,” tastefully altered for shilling purposes to “I Think I Love Beef.”

Oh? Not ridiculous enough, you say?

Let’s hear a metal version of that tune, you say?

Well fuck why not.

Side note: my life is surrealy intersecting Danny Partridge’s in altogether too many ways.

Believe it or not, I kept screwing up the "saliva" line. Maybe having it fall like rain is not the best lyrical choice. Great visual there. Thanks A1 marketing.

Believe it or not, I kept screwing up the "saliva" line. Maybe having it fall like rain is not the prettiest lyrical picture to paint. Thanks A1 marketing.

Thoroughly made up and wardrobed, I am escorted by Dan the PA — who wears no fewer than 6 walkie-talkies at a time — from trailer to set at 11:34am.

“Now with talent,” reports Dan through talkie 3. “Talent is en route to set.”

Having people call you “talent” takes getting used to. Especially when you’re doing something that doesn’t seem to require a remarkable amount of talent.

But being an actor on a set is a funny thing. It gives you an entirely new perspective on the prima donna cussing, bitching, cell-phone-throwing celebrities you hear about all the time.

After a couple days of having people wait on you hand and foot — not letting you so much as carry a ham sandwich yourself — this really odd sense of entitlement starts to creep up on you.

You get so accustomed to special treatment that at some point you come to expect it (as in, “Hey, where’s that guy who carries my sandwich?”)

Keep in mind too, this shoot is only 2 days long. And it’s for steak sauce. Imagine being treated like this day and night for 10 years, and see if your internal yardstick for “What level of coddling is considered normal?” isn’t totally shot to hell.

That was PRETTY good, but I'd like to see it more... saucy. Yes, more saucy.

That was PRETTY good, but I'd like to see it more... saucy. Creatives? Yes, we'd like it to read "more sauce."

Back in reality land, I’m in a Burbank backyard with 42 assorted crew, wardrobe, producers, caterers, and food stylists — none making so much as a peep — staring me down as the director yells “Action!”

I make my best punk rock face and sneer into the camera.

57 seconds later, I am kicking over a lawn chair, smashing a potted plant, falling off an amplifier, and psychotically dousing a grill in a fine coat of steak sauce… in that order.


Off-set, I hear 3 or 4 people cracking up.

Jamie from makeup is instantly beside me with an ear-to-ear grin, wicking sweat from my face with cotton swabs.

“Dude, the clients are laughing their asses off.”

She notices my blank, slightly anxious look.

“Oh, don’t worry, that’s good!” she says.

“Love it, love it!” says Matt the bearded director, animatedly approaching my patio stage. “Keep it over the top, the more the better — just explore the space, explore the space…”

Explore the space? We’re on a 20 square foot patio, Magellan.

“Oh. one more thing,” he says, turning around in front of the monitors.

“Can we pour that steak sauce microphone more aggressively?”

…yes. Yes I can.

Killed It In Florida

Back from Florida, and I brought ice age weather back with me for LA.

On the upside, had an awesome time playing for everyone at Florida Atlantic University — outstanding show with Mike Posner and Big Sean.

And the FAU reviews were awesome:

“This weekend I had the opportunity to see two of my favorite new artists, Mike Posner and Big Sean. I wasn’t even expecting the bonus I got with the show opener PAZ.

Between each cover he would throw in an original and they were just as catchy and cool as the one before. May have the best remix to Empire State of Mind that I have heard yet REAL TALK. This isn’t the last of this guy you will be hearing about I’m sure.”

Didn’t catch the show in MIA? I’ll be headlining Viper Room in Hollywood 12/18.

And its gonna be bananas.