HOLY F*#&!!! 42,000 Come Out For Paz Webshow

Excerpt of "Whiskey & Cocaine" live from the webshow. Not bad acoustics for a boudoir...

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A few weeks ago, 800 people came to see me perform live on Justin.tv, and I thought that was pretty much the coolest thing ever.


After the show, I got on this blog and boldly (i.e. kind of stupidly) predicted we’d hit 1,600 fans at the next show.

Doubling the audience once every 2 weeks, I reasoned, I could fill up Madison Square Garden by next year. Worked for Malthus, right?

Wrong. Big time.

Last Sunday, we filled up MSG…. twice.


Madison Square Garden: Capacity 18,000. Or 20,000 skinny ass hispters.

Madison Square Garden: Capacity 19,500. Or 22,000 really skinny ass hispters.

The show started as normally as any other. Playing with Jesse Coletrain backing me on the keys, we sloppily warmed up with a couple stock songs. Our viewer count rose from 50 to 500 in about 10 minutes.

But then something odd happened.

A fan requested the themesong from Rugrats — right, the old Nickelodeon show.

Somehow, Jesse magically recalled the tune and started playing it. I realized that if we switched the pace up a little, we could mash it up with Vanilla Ice (how this occurred to me, I have no idea. Personally, I blame it on years of Jager consumption backing up into my brain stem).

So like idiots (brilliant idiots? no, just idiots), we started jamming an improv remix of Rugrats and Vanilla Ice.

To both our surprise, it came out fairly well. By the time we finished up and I returned to the keyboard, we were up to 14,000 viewers.


Sound quality a little fuzzy, but you can almost picture Tommy and Chuckie crawling across the multi-colored carpet as Vanilla Ice dry humps a table in the background

And that’s when the requests started flying in.


Someone requested Kanye West, then Jamie Foxx, then the Halo 3 Theme Song…

Lightbulb….. let’s do all three.

So there we went — jamming in Jesse’s bedroom — doing our own version of “Golddigging Halo” live for 14,000 people.


Kanye West + Halo 3 Soundtrack + 2 Dudes in a Bedroom = Win?

And then those 14,000 people started inviting their friends, who invited their friends, who… right.


By the time we wrapped it up with another (more coherent) go around of Whiskey and Cocaine (an original), 42,000 people were rocking along with us.

Two Madison Square Gardens, just a Cat-5 connection away.

So what now?

Well, next step is filling up the Rose Bowl – which by official count holds 110,000 warm bodies.

And if we fill that bitch, hot dogs and beer are on me.

Swear :)

3 Responses

  1. Hey, if that’s what the people want… Don’t think you’re so much of a ‘real’ rock star that you won’t put rugrats/vanilla ice mashups on your albums.

  2. The halo mash-up is amazing. Can not wait till the first show on OCTOBER 22 at KEY CLUB

  3. Paz ……..congrats…you deserve it….i dont think it was the mashups alone……i think all ur fans keep telling their friends how good you are..and so on….ive given your link to several people who i thought would enjoy you….if i lived closer id so be a groupie……..lol. Anyways lately ive been going to stickcam ….and recruiting more viewers to jtv………so before long 42,000 will become 84,000 etc…….. my favorite parts of your show are when u sing about the jackass- no talent -haters who try to rain on our good time………its a truly beautiful thing……and so is your voice….. but i still think you’d rock a wifebeater tank…..you better be on tomm…..i need my paz time….cuz you’re more than just a pass time……….ciao baby………mwah

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