First Show, Packed House. 400 Screaming Fans!

Live and Direct! Let your fingers do the screaming!

Key Club capacity: 371. Internet capacity: 405, including tubes.

Played my first (solo) show last night for a packed house of 400 in Hollywood.

But the crowd was from New York.

The crowd was also from Chicago, Paris, Tokyo, and Madrid.

Around 7:30pm pacific standard time, I kicked off my first live show on All it took was a webcam aimed squarely at my grill and a 6-string acoustic guitar to get things popping.

The show started well enough, attracting a modest 15 viewers or so.

But once I laid into the first track, “Whiskey and Cocaine,” the comments started coming…

“Yo, this kid is actually good!”

“Other people should see this, start inviting!”

“Donde esta la biblioteca?”

Pretty soon, I had a multilingual crowd of 403 viewers cheering me on, chatting away in their native tongues, and occasionally requesting T.I. tunes.

And who was I to disappoint? I mixed in a little Whatever You Like cover for the dirty south fans :)

The only thing missing was stuff to sell – everyone kept asking where they could buy the track I was playing at that moment, and I had absolutely nothing for them.

Other than that though, the show was a smashing success.

I’m planning to be back next Sunday, 6:00pm PST.

Let’s see if we can break 1,000 next time — that’s like 3 Key Clubs packed to the rafters, but with less stale beer and urine smell.

2 Responses

  1. The show was killer buddy. It was great listening and hearing the reactions from others as well. Looks like it is time to get a myspace up and running so you can send people there to check your tunes and tell them about shows. Even if u r not selling the tunes, people can atleast add them to their home page

  2. […] first live show last week brought 400 fans, and show #2 on Sunday topped out at […]

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