How To Win A Radio Contest

So KROQ is having a contest.

It’s not a random “Be caller 127 and win Iron Maiden tickets” contest — this one seems to require some modicum of skill.

Submit a picture + caption of yourself demonstrating how hard you party, and win tickets to a private party at Bardot in Hollywood this weekend.

So first I scouted the competition. I checked the website — most people’s pictures show them doing keg stands, beer bongs, pounding JD from the bottle, etc. with captions like “YEEEAHH BOOYYY!!!!”

I decided to go a slightly different direction — here’s my picture with caption:


Picture #1 is me with a girl at Moon in vegas. Picture #2 is me proposing to a chinese slots manager at planet hollywood.

In the 4 hours between pictures #1 and 2, I:

* consumed 11 jack & cokes
* attempted to fight a lamp
* asked a bathroom attendant for written directions to miami
* lost a danceoff with a dwarf (for real)
* was slapped HARD by girl in picture #1 after calling her by 6 different names in 10 minutes
* was ejected from moon while complaining to manager that a drink the bartender served me was watered down… the drink turned out to be water
* stumbled into the casino, promptly blew $300 on one bet in roulette, cause I “always bet on black”
* took a 20 minute nap in the corner of a moving elevator

The nice chinese lady in picture #2 also rebuffed my advances, but comped me and my buddy a free breakfast buffet. Sweet.

UPDATE:  this entry won the contest

One Response

  1. Damn right it did. Creative and even somewhat mature approach to the contest = victory. Now – let’s see or hear about more moon girl!

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