Getting the Meeting

It’s mid-week, and the e-mails I sent upon arriving in Hollywood are bearing fruit.

Between my time on the Tim McGraw tour and Silicon Valley, I’ve made a few friends in the industry over the past few years. And fortunately, I kept their cards. Even more fortunately, most of them remember who I am.

A few replies and introductions later, I have meetings set up with a couple producers, session musicians, and A&R guys, plus an invite to a D-list celebrity poker game. Boo-yah.

I’m under no illusion that a meeting alone will get me a record deal, but getting meetings feels like the right place to start. Establishing a network is one of the first things you do when starting a company – networks yield introductions; introductions yield opportunities; and opportunities (sometimes) yield success. No reason to think things work any differently in the music world.

So e-mails are sent, assistants are called, and meetings are outlooked.

Next week, it’s on.

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