My Crib is on Cribs… Sort of


Recently, I moved into a sick place in Hollywood that also happens to be Danny Bonaduce’s house.

So you can imagine my surprise the other day, when during an aimless channel surfing session I suddenly caught a glimpse of something that resembled my new pad on CMT Cribs…

For real.

There was Danny Partridge, in the flesh, strutting around my kitchen in a tank top like he owns the place. I’m not sure how many times your house has been on TV while you’re watching it on TV, but let me tell you, its fucking weird.

Danny shows off the fridge. I glance to my right… yeah… that fridge.

Danny shows off his priceless 17th century Morrocan tea table. I glance down and realize I should maybe find another place to put my tuna sandwich.

The most surreal part was watching Bonaduce actually show off the plasma TV in the living room while we were watching him show it off on the same plasma TV — like a ghetto MC Escher painting, but without all those crazy stairs.


A close second in the surreal department was seeing who else’s crib was on the same show:

John Rich’s.

That’s not immediately funny to anyone but me. But hold on for one more backstory.

John Rich is a country singer. He lives in Nashville at a place called the Ploughboy Mansion — the world’s largest luxury log cabin, replete with indoor pool, nightclub, and shooting gallery.

Yes, indoor shooting gallery.

The home was originally built by Barbara Mandrell, a country singer who — while apparently ubiquitous in the 80’s – is not even remotely recognizable to anyone under the age of 30.

Little known fact — I actually lived in this house while touring with Tim McGraw and Big & Rich a couple years ago. John’s manager, who owned the property at the time, happened to ask me one day where I was staying while the tour was in Nashville…

(More backstory: because Tim McGraw is big time, he doesn’t have to tour for months on end like most musicians – he tours for a week or two, then goes back to his home in Nashville for a few days to chill. Everyone else on the tour also gets to go home and relax, which is a huge bonus if you live in Nashville, like most people on country tours do. I was in college at the time though, so I didn’t really have anywhere to go).

… so when John’s manager asked me where I was staying, I sheepishly replied “Red Roof Inn.” To which he casually said something like, “That’s fucking ridiculous!” and graciously tossed me the keys to the Ploughboy, instructing me to take my pick of any of its 10 guest rooms (by the way, thanks again Marc — that was incredibly awesome of you).

So long story short, not only was ONE of my cribs on TV, but TWO of my cribs were on TV back to back.

Sort of. Not really.

It was still pretty cool.

6 Responses

  1. Nice, Paz. You always get to live in the sickest places.

  2. So you’re saying your pad is cooler than my condemned beach house in Hermosa. Freakin’ Bonaduce. Hahahaha.

  3. i was excited when my brother lived in the house from BLOW. but you have officially taken the cake, eaten part of it, gave some of it to the dog, then smashed it in your buddys face!

  4. This is a little crazy. :)

  5. […] note: my life is surrealy intersecting Danny Partridge’s in altogether too many ways. Believe it or not, I kept screwing up the "saliva" line. Maybe having it fall like rain […]

  6. […] Side note: my life is surrealy intersecting Danny Partridge’s in altogether too many ways. […]

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