Katy Perry and Jesse Coletrain Get Wet

katy perry birthday

Nice bowtie, homie.

Who’s that handsome looking dude in the dapper white bowtie?

Why, none other than Jesse Coletrain, the man on the 88 keys.

Click here to see the whole photo album from Katy Perry’s Birthday.

taylor swift

Call me crazy, but that dude behind taylor swift appears to be saluting the third reich in an altogether unorthodox fashion

Katy Perry’s birthday party last weekend involved a lot of paint, a cadre of oompa loompas, and apparently a dude behind Taylor Swift with a swastika on his shirt.

Guests were instructed to wear all white, and upon arrival found fruity-smelling paints readily available for Jackson Pollack-esque hijinks.

Coletrain also managed to save the life of a bedazzled co-ed who found herself skating and slipping towards disaster on a cake-frosting covered dancefloor.

Apparently no birthday is complete without ritual destruction of a multi-tiered birthday cake.

Was Jesse rewarded for his chivalrous save? You’ll have to ask him yourself :)

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