One Track: Feed Big B, Cause He’s Hungry

Yeah, we get it man. You're a redneck. Nah, you didn't need to back the harley into your living room to punctuate that message. By the way, did you eat Bubba Sparxx?

Doesn't it kind of look like he's showing off his couch for a craigslist ad? "And here's the couch, barely used, slightly on fire - $125 OBO. No delivery."

Big B is an aptly named guy.

Cause the dude’s big.

Big like, I ate Bubba Sparxx by accident, big.

Fortunately, size has little to do with making superior music (see: Aretha Franklin, Peter Griffin).

Track: Sinner (right click to download)
Artist: Big B (feat. Scott Russo)
Genre: Acoustic Rock Hip Hop
Sounds Like: Biz Markie and Everlast’s love child with laryngitis jamming out around a campfire

Big B’s flow is raw yet slick, and the hook does its job. Scott Russo’s acoustic riff and croon on the chorus — eerily reminiscent of “Walrus” from the Elva record — gives the track a sunny San Diego vibe that’s just right.

Even More:
Thanks to Major Badnews for passing this along — solid pick.

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  1. I am the ambassador of everything. Including Bad News

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