I’ll Be Your Disaster (if you’ll be my Instead)

I like hoodies.

I like hoodies.

“Don’t speak

I’m counting on your sympathy / to swallow all the words you’re chewing on.”

Starting today, I’ll be posting lyrics to a new song every week on Scribd.com.

The first one is “I’ll Be Your Disaster If You’ll Be My Instead.

It’s not your typical song about a girl. No unrequited love, no loss…

Just plain selfishness.

It’s about knowing who you’re meant to be with, but not — about being with an alternative just to keep yourself occupied.

About using each other. And maybe not mutually.

I’ll be your disaster… if you’ll be my instead.

It’s not pretty. But relationships frequently aren’t, I guess. It’s probably the most realistic “love song” I can write.

See the lyrics here, and see it performed live here in the Justin.tv Bedroom Sessions, featuring Jesse Coletrain on keys.

Paz - I'll Be Your Disaster (if you'll be my Instead)

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  1. Great SUCCESS! love this post… DEEP

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