Paz in Miami With Mike Posner and Big Sean

This Friday December 4, I’ll be playing 2 shows in Florida.

The first in Boca Raton at FIU, and the second later that night in Miami at Ink Nightclub.

Both are opening for Mike Posner and Big Sean. Two dudes who just got signed to Kanye West’s label.

If Justin Timberlake and Macy Gray had a kid with a raspy voice, they’d probably have Mike. And if Kanye got seconds on Macy, out pops Big Sean.

I mean this all in the best possible way.

Check out Mike Posner’s song Drug Dealer Girl (right click to download). Catchiest thing you’ll hear this week.

Want tickets? Not a problem, click here.

Want a backrub? Problem.

No wait, no problem. Click here (dare you).

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  1. […] LA Weekly put an ad out for the Viper Room show, and Mike Posner at the Roxy was in the ad right next to […]

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