One Track: Athlete – Superhuman Touch


Upon closer inspection, that leather jacket would likely fit my 12 year old sister

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of a band called Athlete.

Punk rock? Electronica? … Jock Jams?

None of the above.

What I got was the pop sensibility of Snow Patrol genetically spliced with synthesized mystery of MGMT.

If you like either of those groups — and well, even if you don’t — you’re gonna be an Athlete fan.

And you’ll actually kind of want them to do a jock jam too.

Track: Superhuman Touch (right click to download)
Artist: Athlete
Genre: Pop Synth Rock
Sounds Like: The pop sensibilities of Snow Patrol spliced with the synthesized mystery of MGMT (yeah, I said that already)
More? The ending is almost too perfect for radio. You can almost hear the DJ coming on over the top.

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