Dead Snakes And Mixtapes

click here to see the Paz Live at Viper Room photo album

One month into the new year, and they’re still making repairs from the damage we did at Viper Room.

I’m not gonna lie. We packed the place, and we might have broke some stuff.

One blown amp, 2 busted bar stools, 12 shattered glasses, and a head-sized hole in the bathroom wall.

And I owe THEM $1200?

Somehow they’re letting me play there again in a couple months, so go figure.  If you weren’t lucky enough to get in on the madness last time around, don’t miss part 2.

Cause I’m making damn sure we don’t get invited back for part 3 :)

click here to see the Paz Live at Viper Room photo album

So what’s planned for Q1 2010? One word:  RECORDING.

Everytime I play a show, people come up and ask where they can get the music. That’s an awesome question to get, but so far, the answer has been… nowhere.

No records, no tapes, no myspace, mp3s, 8-tracks, 4-tracks, traintracks, nothing.

And that sucks. So to start the new year, I’m taking 2 months off from playing shows until the mixtape is done.

Jesse Coletrain and I are locking ourselves into the bedroom studio until something emerges called Young Broke and Fameless, The Mixtape.

The record will include a few originals, a few remixes, and a few guest appearances from some of your favorite artists.

And if I have my way, every mixtape will come with a broken Viper Room shot glass…

Hey. I broke em, I bought em.

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  1. Shouldn’t miss this show. Someone will bring the lighter fluid, right?

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