About Paz

Hollywood sign 900Paz moved to Hollywood in Summer 2009 with a laptop, a guitar, and not much else. These are his stories.

Name: Paz

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whoispaz

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/whoispaz

Twitter: http://twitter.com/pazpaz

tennis elbow, pumping my fists when people do cool stuff…like if somebody does a sweet dive off the high dive, Christopher Walken, electricity, rickshaws, student government, Teddy KGB, accessories, gambling on and promoting arm wrestling matches, getting weird/weirding people out, slippery slopes, parallel parking, condiments, prefacing statements with the phrase “I’ll tell you what”

Favorite Music: Dogs barking to the tune of Christmas carols

Favorite TV Shows: America’s Funniest Home Videos

Favorite Movies: You Got Served

Favorite Books: I enjoy fictional or non-fictional accounts of Karate Tournaments

Favorite Quotations: “You just got served!” –You Got Served

“Is there really anything better than being both sweet and awesome at the same time?” –Catfish Simmons

About Me: I think people should pump their fists more to celebrate stuff they think is cool. I retired with a 14-2 record in dance-offs. My only loss is to a ballerina who didn’t know the rules to dance-offs, I shower in a bathing suit, I enjoy Lifetime original movies, I ate a pigeon once, I don’t have an appendix, My 3 front teeth are fake, I can count to ten in 3 seconds or less, I’m fascinated by people with tennis elbow and I hope that some day I get tennis elbow. I used to wear costumes more than I wear normal clothes. I’m really good at partying at weddings, like there’s probably nothing that I do as well as that… except maybe parallel parking.

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